September 15, 2011

That Other Hobby

**Update** All miniature gaming and painting posts have been moved over to my new Warhammer-specific site, Chickhammer. Check it out for my latest hobby updates and news.

I mentioned before that I have another major hobby outside of my crafting and cooking. That hobby is a little thing called Warhammer 40,000. It will shortly be taking over my life. As I mentioned in a previous post it is a table top wargaming deal and it's pretty much my favorite game ever.

This is what I do when I'm not quilting.
This is an expensive, time consuming, and male nerd dominated hobby (insert rant about the rampant misogyny of nerd culture here). But, Hubby-to-be loves it and I quickly realized that I do, too. I have another page called Chickhammer where I talk about all my Warhammer and miniature painting related things.

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