March 1, 2012

National Quilting Month Begins!

In honor of March being National Quilting Month, I'll be doing a few special things. First, each day I will be tweeting a photo of a current project (you can find me @LilThunderLiz). Today's photo, though, is below.

Yup, those are pawprints.
I picked up this fabric for my birthday. It's an adorable collection called Max and Whiskers by Moda. I've been meaning to make a little mat for the dog's crate since we got her. Piper does everything in her power to be as comfortable as possible. This includes laying down on clothes I'm trying to fold, a errant blanket that fell on the floor, and even on top of the foam used to protect Warhammer figures.

Also, on this rug because it's slightly more comfortable than the carpet.
 She has her own blanket and her own bed already, but they don't cover the whole plastic floor of her crate. So I am going to make her a nice little covering to put down in there. I'll probably use a double layer of batting to make it extra cushy for my spoiled pup.

In addition to my quilting photo of the day, I am setting a challenge for myself. I have seven unfinished projects (including Piper's crate pad). Seven. My challenge is to finish them all by the end of the month. I better go get started.

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