September 9, 2011

Not So Fast, Flynn Quilt Frame!

I really thought it was time. I finished up my work, Hubby-to-be's car definitely didn't need a jump and I was going to quilt with my frame that I painstakingly set up this week. Then I was foiled by a technicality.
Something isn't quite right.

Take a closer look...

Oh. Oh no.
That is as close as my presser foot comes to the floor with my machine turned sideways for the quilting frame. Sigh. I can't win. Even with the machine precariously balanced on the edge of the table, it doesn't even touch the carpet. My table is too tall and the cord is too short. Clearly, it's a conspiracy to prevent any quilting.

Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic. But it's really a bummer. Hubby-to-be thinks we can buy some components online and make one with a longer cord. But, I don't want to cut up the one I've got (and he isn't convinced we could easily modify the old one). However, there are pieces readily available online for about $30, so we'll see if Hubby-to-be can help me out. Until then, it looks like the Halloween quilt is on hiatus because I'm not about to hand quilt that whole thing.

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