April 19, 2012

New Orleans Road Trip!

I've finally found my way back home after a fabulous time in New Orleans. I had an absolute blast. Music was everywhere, the food was amazing (more on that later), and it was impossible to walk 2 blocks without finding a place to get a drink. What a fabulous town.

By happy accident, French Quarter Festival was going on while I was down there. That upped the music factor by tenfold and it drew a lot of people. We actually met a ton of great people while we were there. I got a little too much sun, but that just tells you I was having a good time!

Jackson Square was hopping with music and festival goers. It also happens to be across the street from the fabulous Cafe du Monde which serves the infamous beignets. Those little doughnuts covered in powdered sugar are a fantastic treat.

French Quarter Festival had a parade down Bourbon Street. It was a great experience, and it definitely assuaged the part of me that wanted to come back for Mardi Gras. I had a great time, but the huge crowd draw and sheer insanity is probably too much for me. French Quarter Fest, though, was just the right amount of fun and letting loose without being over the top. 

I had to do one super touristy thing while in New Orleans, so we went down to the bayou to visit the alligators. I don't have to worry about gators all the way up in Virginia, so it was a big draw. The gators weren't terribly cooperative on the tour, but we got to see one pretty large gator and we all got to hold a small, young one. Totally worth it. Did you know they're very soft? I didn't.

Overall the trip was a wonderful time. The 18 hour drive was a little bit too much, though. Driving in wasn't bad, because of the excitement, but the trip home dragged. Once we left, we were really ready to be home, but it was a long way to go. If you ever get a chance to go down there, do it. Do it, and eat everything you can, because the food was the best part.

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