April 3, 2012

Quilting Month Bust

I started March pretty excited about National Quilting Month, but ended it without having gotten much done. I'm really disappointed in myself. I had a set list of projects to work on, and I did not get them all accomplished. I didn't even get most of them accomplished, actually.

Some things got done... but not much.
I finished Piper's crate mat, but that's all. Terrible. I worked on all of the others, but none of them are finished. I got the Java top finished and partially quilted, I made a humungous post about how to make continuous quilt binding, and I finished up many triangles for the stripes quilt.

In my defense, it turns out that I never could have finished the Halloween Circle quilt, because the sewing foot I need is of stock. I haven't yet been able to find one in a month of looking. I will have to set it aside for good until I can procure that foot. So that chopped my seven projects down to six.

The last week of the month, I had a surprise house guest, so I didn't have access to sewing while he was staying. But that's a terrible excuse, because I had two weeks prior to get things done, and I really didn't. My enthusiasm for the challenge didn't sustain me through the whole month.

I still have to finish those projects, since several of them are left over from last year. Next year, I'm going to try a little bit more motivational of a challenge, perhaps a well-planned block-a-day challenge.

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  1. It's okay, April is Intergalactic Quilting Month and May is American Quilting Month and June is, well, June is just June. I think you're allowed to still quilt in June.


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