March 8, 2012

Crate Mat for Piper

For National Quilting Month, one of my projects was making a mat to put down in Piper's crate. She's a snuggly dog, and I wanted to make her crate a little more comfortable for her. For some reason, I didn't think the dog bed and dog blanket was enough.

She gives me that look a lot when I take out the camera.
 It was very easy to do. I measured the plastic pan in the bottom, cut two pieces of fabric to that size, and then quilted it up, along the lines in the pattern. I used two pieces of batting to make it extra cushy. I machine stitched the binding on. It looks like I succeeded in making it comfortable, since I didn't even need to encourage her to lay down on it.

You'd think I'd bombed her house.
She was a little annoyed that I *gasp* messed with her crate. But she is a loving dog, so she quickly forgave me. I ironed it and made it all nice for her, but the minute I left her alone in it, she did what she usually does which is pile everything in the back and lay on it. That'll teach me to make her nice things.

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