January 2, 2012

New Year's Cleaning

I have really started this year on the ball. After a fantastic NYE party with good friends, I managed to peel myself out of bed at 7am on Sunday and started cleaning my whole apartment. I haven't stopped since. Hubby has a friend who's moving into the area for work, but doesn't have a place yet, so she's staying with us for a while.

Once I realized she was less than a week from arriving, I suddenly noticed how disorganized and messy the apartment has become. Between holiday projects, decorations, unpacked suitcases, and general clutter, the place is a wreck. I definitely couldn't have a house guest show up to that. It also doesn't hurt to kick off the new year with a sparkly, clean apartment.

This cleaning particularly applies to the sewing room, because that's where Hubby's friend will be staying. But somehow I've managed to clean everywhere but there. I dread cleaning it the most. I never really moved it all in in the first place, and it's only gotten more disorganized since. I'm starting to wonder if it'll all get done.

At least all the clothes are clean.

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