October 5, 2011

China Glaze, where have you been alll my life?

A lot of the things for the wedding have been DIY projects; the favors, bouquets, menu cards, bridesmaid's alterations, ceremony programs, my garter, and most unexpectedly, the bustle for my dress. To save both myself and my bridesmaids a lot of last-minute money, I figured we would also do our own hair and makeup.
Unlike all the other DIY projects I've done for the wedding, I am no expert in either hair or makeup. I assume that I do a passably good job on my makeup based on compliments I've received, but that's about it. Hair, though, I know I am really out of my depth. I have naturally curly hair, so styling my hair is as simple as stepping out of the shower and letting it air dry. No surprise, I'm a little paranoid about the whole situation.

Cue China Glaze and their amazing nail polish. One of my lovely bridesmaids has been espousing the wonders of China Glaze polishes for ages, so I decided to buy a set to do French manicures for the wedding. As soon as I got them, I tried them out. They have this great clear polish called First and Last that is both the basecoat and the topcoat. Love it. I have been doing my own French manicures for years because I need to be professional for work, and this manicure came out so amazing.

It's been a couple days, and the manicure is still going strong. No chipping, no peeling, no yellowing.  I don't think I can go back to any other polish after this. I seriously can't be happier. The only down side is that I cut my nails back before I bought the polish, so they look a little weird being so short. That's why I haven't included a photo.

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