August 21, 2011

Have I Fallen off the Face of the Earth?

It's been a while, I know, but I most assuredly have not gone anywhere. Well, truth be told, Hubby-to-be and I moved house and that's why I haven't been putting up any new posts. I know it doesn't take 2 months to move, but between packing up and then unpacking, I am just not getting back into the swing of things. Everything has finally been unpacked, so I can start doing some projects again. And, I am getting back into them with my very own sewing studio. Here's where I'm going to gush a little about it.

Before now, my sewing space was along a wall in my living room. I didn't have anything together, and it was terrible to keep things organized. But, with the new place, I have an. entire. room. Well, if you ignore his own hobby space in there. It's a 60-40 split in my favor, so I can't complain. It's more space than I've ever had, and it's more space than I rightly know what to do with.

It's a little messy, but it's all mine!

I haven't quite gotten everything how I want it, but I am just smitten with the amount of space I have. I also managed to steal some of the closet space, so that's where I'm keeping my batting and finished projects for now. Now that I have this glorious space, I have absolutely no excuse not to get some projects done. First on chopping block is that quilt for my honey, and I have a Halloween top I finished last year that needs to get quilted.

I've also got another few awesome recipes to share with you coming up. I can put off quilting for a bit, but I sure can't stop cooking.

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