July 1, 2011

Homespun Honey Quilt, part 2

I've finally sat down and spent some time putting the top together. Lately, I've been a little too caught up in my other massively time-and-money-consuming hobby, Warhammer 40,000. It's a game you play on a 4'x6' mat with metal and plastic (and now resin) miniature models. You have an army of about 30-80 models, and your opponent has any army of their own and you battle.

It's about a hundred times more complicated than that, but it gives you an idea. There are several different armies you can choose from, and I've just switched from Chaos Daemons to Chaos Space Marines. That means I have about 60 models to glue together and paint. Most of them are assembled, but trying to paint them, and paint them well, is rather time consuming. Anyway, back to quilting.

The top is all but together, just have a few more strips to put together, although I haven't gotten to a photo yet. I'll get one eventually. It was just a matter of sitting down to do it. I am really happy with the way the arrangement of colors came out.

I stuck to the green/blue/red so it would have a more rustic vibe. I don't think Hubby-to-be will care, but it's more manly than the blue and white wedding ring quilt he uses now. I say he because we can't civilly share blankets. I like to bundle up in as many blankets as I can find (he calls me a burrito) and he likes to throw them on the floor. So, we use separate quilts so that we can actually comfortably sleep.

I will eventually load it up onto my Flynn Quilting Frame and quilting it up so that Hubby-to-be can use it once the weather turn colder.

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