June 3, 2011

Quilters Unlimited Show

This weekend is the annual Quilters Unlimited show in Chantilly, VA. The event is run by a large, local quilt group and it is right down the road from me. I've also been interested in joining a quilting group, so this will give me a good opportunity to meet some of the people who run this one. Whenever I talk about quilters groups, I'm convinced Hubby-to-be hears "cult" instead of "group." But he does not understand. He doesn't get excited by rotary cutters, appliqué, or new fabric like I do. I can promise if I spent more time with a group of like-minded individuals (ones who ooh and ahh over new fabric lines), he'd be hearing a lot less of my craft-talk.

The Expo runs from Friday-Sunday, and it's only $10 to get in (or a weekend pass for $20). They are doing some demonstrations just about every hour, and there are ones I want to check out on each of the days. It wouldn't be an Expo without oodles of vendors, and I can't wait to see what they'll have on display. There are vendors from all over the country, but also quite a few from my local area. A few of my favorite shops will be there, as well as some that are close by, but not close enough to just visit on a whim.

I had better get going now, the show opens up at 10 today and I have a lot I'd like to see!

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