May 13, 2012

A Little Shake Up at LTL

After much thought, I've decided that it's high time to split up Little Thunder Lizard into two separate entities, this one focusing on quilting and crafting and my new one focusing on wargaming and painting. It is with tremendous excitement that I introduce to you:

All the Warhammer and gaming posts from this site have been moved over to the new site. In about a month's time, they'll be taken down from here and only on Chickhammer. After that, it'll be back to quilting, crafting, and cooking.

Getting the new site pulled together took up most of my weekend, so it'll be a few days until I can get back to posting. I have some fun things waiting in the wings, including a delicious marinade that I tried this weekend. I've been devoting most of my time to painting the last few weeks, so it's high time I got back to sewing.

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